Are you guilty of mindless eating?

Have you ever watched a movie munching on popcorn and candy throughout the entire flick without even really paying attention to what you’re eating? This is referred to as mindless eating and it contributes to many people’s weight problems.

According to Harvard University Health, paying attention to what you eat can help you to lose weight. The source suggests when eating food, get rid of distractions such as the television and computer, and instead focus your attention on the colors, smells and flavors of what your are eating. Doing so can help you to realize when you are full and therefore decrease your risk of overeating. It can also make your eating experience more enjoyable so you feel more satisfied afterward.

Consider some of the tips the Harvard Health Letter offers to practice mindful eating. First, watch the clock and make yourself take 20 minutes to eat a meal by taking small bites and chewing your food well.

An all-natural supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals may also help you to avoid overeating. Skinny D provides the body with the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs to feel satisfied and full. Try some of Harvard’s tips and Skinny D to stop the hunger pains, enjoy your meals and get on track to losing weight!

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