Are seniors more responsive to positive stimuli?

For many active seniors, maintaining good health is a constant concern, spurring an interest in light to moderate exercise, a better diet and the consumption of helpful all-natural supplements like those offered by Dr. Newton’s Naturals.

With something like Super C22, which contains 22 different forms of vitamin C, your older relative is more likely to show enhanced mental clarity, improved blood pressure levels and energy.

While this can be an excellent way to ensure that he or she retains a vibrant and positive mindset, new research released by the Association for Psychological Science suggests that older adults may enjoy better spirits based on something as simple as what they’re looking at.

Despite the belief that cognitive function declines with age, according to study researcher Derek Isaacowitz of Northeastern University, seniors may be better equipped to regulate negative emotions than younger adults. This interesting development contradicts the idea that mental deterioration affects all seniors and that with it, moods become more turbulent.

Specifically, researchers found that elders respond heavily to stimuli. If presented with something negative, they’re more inclined to look away. Conversely, if they pick up on something that causes joy or is positive, they’re more likely to keep concentrating on it and feel more content. This selective intake can benefit seniors immensely and separates them from younger adults who may have a difficult time ignoring or disregarding negative stimuli.

This research could explain why the elder in your life maintains such a positive outlook. However, if you’re concerned that his or her mental health could decline over time, there are several other things you can do.

To help your relative retain a firm command of his or her cognitive reasoning skills, try exploring new activities. Painting, knitting and scrapbooking can boost his or her hand-to-eye coordination, while card games and jigsaw puzzles can keep him or her stimulated mentally and encourage problem-solving abilities to expand.

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