What Can Super C22 Do For You?

Vitamin C is essential - Super C22 offers 22 forms of vitamin C.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation with Super C22

Your body needs vitamin C for more than just treating the sniffles. Here’s what Super C22 can do for you:

Fight Colds and Flu:  When you’re feeling under the weather, sip a glass of Super-C 22 up to 4 times per day.  One 8-12 ounce serving of a Super-C 22 beverage equals 1500 mg of Vitamin C.

Increase Energy:  Instead of drinking coffee throughout the morning and afternoon, keep a to-go cup of Super-C 22 on your desk at work or near you at home.  The nutrients in Super-C 22 are rich in antioxidants and help ‘fuel’ your adrenal glands, giving your body the necessary tools to manufacture your own energy.

Reduce Pain:  Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps clean up toxins and tissue metabolites (inflammatory chemicals produced by the body in response to injury or arthritis), therefore reducing joint and muscle irritation. Vitamin C also builds collagen tissue, the body’s universal “glue” to repair broken down tissues.  Try drinking 1-3 glasses of Super-C 22 per day, working your way up to this amount.  You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’re feeling better!

Help Quit Smoking:  Yes, Super-C 22 can help you kick the habit!  Vitamin C helps tie up and remove heavy metals (like lead and cadmium, which are in cigarette smoke), making it easier to quit.  Studies also indicate that Vitamin C helps repair broken down tissues and detoxifies the body, again two important factors in quitting smoking.  Drink up to 4 glasses of Super-C 22 throughout the day while you are transitioning to a non-smoker.

Lower Cholesterol and Improve Heart Health:  Studies with tens of thousands of people indicate up to a 50% reduction in fatal diseases just by using Vitamin C on a daily basis.  These studies include lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease. Two-time Nobel Prize recipient, Linus Pauling recommends up to 6,000 mg of Vitamin C daily (4 glasses of Super-C 22 beverage), with a minimum of 3000 mg of Vitamin C per day (two glasses of Super-C 22).