Four Reasons Men Need Vitamin D

 This powerful nutrient also plays a role in supporting heart health, mental acuity and more.  Here are four reasons men need vitamin D.

Vitamin D isn’t just for the ladies. There are many health benefits for men as well. The most current research has shown time and again that vitamin D is vital for more than just bone health. This powerful nutrient also plays a role in supporting heart health, mental acuity and more.  Here are four reasons men need vitamin D:

  1. Improved Heart Health – If you have a family history of heart disease, you might be interested to know that research suggests people with the lowest levels of vitamin D had an 81% increased potential to die from heart disease, 64% greater risk of heart attacks, and 57% higher chance of early death than those with the highest vitamin D levels, according to a Copenhagen University Hospital study. Add vitamin D-rich foods and drinks such as salmon and fortified milk to your diet to increase your consumption.
  2. Reduced Risk of Cancer – Research suggests that regardless of the form of cancer, or even the nutritional status of the patient, the one thing most cancer patients have in common is a vitamin D deficiency. Early detection is always your best chance of successfully battling cancer, so if you have a family history, you should regularly get screened. Considering that vitamin D deficiency is common amongst cancer patients, be sure to increase your daily D either through foods or high-quality supplementation.
  3. Increased Mental Acuity – Are you becoming more forgetful or even mentally sluggish? Vitamin D may be an answer to your problem, according to a British study. Researchers performed blood tests on more than 3,000 European men and discovered participants with higher levels of vitamin D displayed superior memory function and information processing capabilities than those with lower levels of the sunshine vitamin. If you’re unsure of your vitamin D levels, screening is easy with a blood test from your doctor.
  4. Thicker Hair – Every guy wants to avoid the dreaded receding hairline and thinner hair that often comes with aging.  Vitamin D even plays a role in the health of your hair.  Researchers recently revealed vitamin D has the ability to revive receptors in hair follicles that seemingly die and consequently lead to male pattern baldness.  

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