Five Non-Dairy Calcium Rich Foods

Dairy-free calcium-rich foods

Figs and Almonds are Rich in Calcium

You know calcium is good for your bone health as well making sure your muscles, cells and nerves are working properly. The average adult needs 1000 mg per day to achieve this goal (or three 8-ounce glasses of milk). But what if you’re trying to avoid dairy, are lactose intolerant or just don’t like dairy? You’re in luck because there are many non-dairy foods that are high in calcium!

  1. Broccoli – Believe it or not, broccoli is loaded with calcium! Plus, did you know one serving of broccoli contains nearly twice as much vitamin C as an orange? Research suggests that diets high in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli may be linked to a lower risk of certain types of cancer, including colon and bladder cancer.
  2. Edamame – These immature soybean pods have been eaten in Asia for thousands of years. Edamame is a nutritional powerhouse. It is one of few non-animal foods that is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids. You get 8 grams of fiber and a whopping 98 milligrams of calcium in a one-cup serving.
  3. Figs – When you bite into a dried fig, you’ll think you’re indulging in a sweet treat. But you’re also getting a healthy dose of calcium. Each half-cup serving contains 121 milligrams of bone-healthy calcium. Plus, figs contain magnesium, which is essential for more than 300 biochemical reactions in your body, including the absorption of calcium for strengthening of bones.
  4. Almonds – Almonds are one of the best nuts for you. They are full of calcium, protein, potassium and vitamin E. And while they do contain a fair amount of fat, it is the unsaturated, “good” kind of fat that can help lower your cholesterol in moderation.
  5. Tofu – we know it as a vegetarian protein substitute, but it’s also full of calcium. A half-cup of tofu contains almost 500 milligrams of calcium! If you think tofu isn’t for you – here’s a little tip – tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you’re cooking it with.