Find the Wonder in Your Winter Workout

It can be hard to maintain your momentum for your winter workout when the temperatures are chilly.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  But it can be hard to maintain your momentum for your winter workout when the temperatures are chilly and the days are short. It’s much easier to curl up on the couch with a good book.  But you know that exercise is important for your health. By mixing up your workout calendar and maintaining a positive attitude, you can find the wonder in your workout all winter long.

  1. Train for a virtual fun run – What could make working out more fun than earning a medal at the end? Signing up for a virtual themed 5K walk or run is a motivating option to get you in the winter exercise spirit. These races spice up your regular routine by encouraging runners to dress in a festive costume. They are also usually attached to a charity, so your small race fee or money raised goes to a good cause!

  2. Try a new winter sport – There are a lot of great workout options only available in the snowy, winter months. Do you love ice-skating?  If you don’t live near a frozen pond or lake, try an outdoor rink.  You don’t need to invest in expensive equipment either.  Many facilities and rinks rent skates for a reasonable rate.  Rent a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis and give that a try – you’ll really work up a sweat while enjoying the great outdoors.  Even just taking a walk through the snow is more work than the road and you might just see some wildlife.  Don’t live where it’s cold and snowy?  Look for something new near you and give it a whirl. Kayaking?  Paddle boarding? Hiking?  The possibilities are endless.

  3. Get creative at home – Getting out might be more difficult when it’s cold outside, but don’t let that be an excuse to turn into a couch potato! A great alternative is working out at home, where’s it’s cozy and warm. Whether you join a virtual class, purchase a fitness app or invest in a few free weights, staying at home can be a convenient and fun way to stay in shape. And remember, the key is to be creative.  Walking up and down your stairs for twenty minutes is a great workout!

  4. Find an online workout buddy – It is so much more motivating to workout with a friend. Do you have a friend who lives far away? That doesn’t need to stop you from working out together.  Try taking an online class together or even challenge a friend to a virtual competition.  You might even end up working out longer than you anticipated because you’re having so much fun!

  5. Bundle up and embrace the cold – If you find that you’re not getting the exercise you need, you might just need to throw on some layers and grin and bear it. Layers are key.  You’ll start out cold, but will get warmer as you go, so dress in layers that you can easily remove as you get warm.  Try and go out when the sun is shining so you get a healthy dose of vitamin D as well!

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