Five Reasons to Avoid Energy Drinks

Our fast-paced, stressful lives often leave us wishing for extra hours in the day.  By lunchtime, we’re out of steam and need a little pick-me-up.  Soda, coffee and energy drinks are tempting, but before you reach for that Red Bull or Monster Energy, consider this. Energy drinks are usually packaged like soda, and have a… Read more »

8 Energizing Foods to Beat the Afternoon Slump

Long workdays paired with unhealthy eating patterns leave most of us feeling like we could use more energy. Many times we look for quick fixes like coffee or soda for an instant afternoon caffeine buzz. While the immediate boost feels good, soon enough we’re struggling again with fatigue — and unfortunately an afternoon nap is no longer… Read more »

Five Heart Healthy Energy Boosters

Do you wish you had more energy to do the things you love or even just to get through the day without feeling exhausted? Are you looking for ways to improve your heart health? Despite what the ads are telling you, fast-fix energy drinks, double lattes and caffeine-laden sodas aren’t the answer. The key to… Read more »

Five Reasons to Skip Energy Drinks

Across the country, students are preparing to return to school.  Long hours of homework await and students often reach for a quick pick-me-up to get the job done.  Hence the rise of the energy drink industry. But before you or your student reach for that Red Bull, consider this. Energy drinks are usually packaged like… Read more »

Energy Bars are Glorified Cookies

While an energy bar may sound like a great pre-workout snack, many of them are nothing more than glorified cookies. Many of these bars can pack a staggering 300-plus calories, far more than the ones you’re probably about to burn off. When energy bars first appeared in grocery stores in the late 1980s, they were marketed… Read more »

The Calming Effects of Calcium and Magnesium

Does March Madness get you all worked up? The game ends and you just can’t seem to fall asleep as you run your own play-by-plays through your head. You need to relax and calm down. But it seems almost impossible. Let’s talk about the calming effects of calcium and magnesium. Calcium is an essential nutrient for maintaining total… Read more »

Three Desk Exercises to Increase Energy

Are you getting notices from your Fitbit, smart phone or watch telling you it’s time to stand up and stretch? It can be so easy to ignore those warnings and keep working away. But if you’re struggling to get through the afternoon because you have no energy, you should listen to your device and try… Read more »

Five Reasons You’re Always Tired

If you find yourself dragging throughout the day and don’t have enough energy to do the things you love, there could be an underlying reason. Here are five of the most common reasons you’re always tired: You’re Not Drinking Enough Water – Being even slightly dehydrated can take a huge toll on energy levels. Dehydration… Read more »

Benefits of Vitamin B

Good nutrition is tied to good health, as well as to the prevention and treatment of many conditions. Getting the recommended amounts of vitamins each day is an important part of the nutrition equation, and B vitamins in particular are essential for preventive care. Abundant in green vegetables, whole or fortified grains, dairy, and meats,… Read more »

Boost Your Energy with These Ten Tips

As the day wears on, do you find yourself dragging and thinking about the nearest Starbucks for a quick pick-me-up? When low energy drags you down, don’t look to a candy bar, cup of coffee, or energy drink for a lift. The sugar and caffeine might give you an immediate pick-me-up, but once it wears… Read more »