Diabetes Drugs Slow Alzheimer’s Progress

A new study has determined that Alzheimer’s patients taking diabetes drugs may have fewer signs of dementia in their brains than similar patients not taking the drugs. “The results of this study are important because they give us new insights for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease,” said study senior author, Vahram Haroutunian, a professor of… Read more »

Eat These Brain Boosting Foods

The food you eat can impact your brain health.  Things like trans fats and excess sugar can slow the brain down.  But if you include the following brain boosting foods in your diet, you just might reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Walnuts – these little guys pack a big nutritional punch!… Read more »

B Vitamins Decrease Brain Shrinkage

There is strong evidence to suggest that your daily dose of B vitamins may help protect against brain shrinkage and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease affects 36 million people worldwide. Therefore, a lot of research is put into finding a cure, but unfortunately some of the more promising studies have failed late-stage clinical trials.  Recently, scientists have… Read more »

How Much Exercise Does Your Aging Brain Need?

We have heard time and again the importance of living an active lifestyle.  But exactly how much exercise we need to gain various health benefits, including heart health and brain health is still unclear.   A recent study aimed to determine just how much exercise is needed to improve your ability to think. Researchers recruited 101… Read more »

Brain Food to Slow the Aging Process

Growing older is one of life’s certainties.  But the average lifespan of Americans is increasing and it has to do with lifestyle choices people are making to slow the aging process.  Growing old gracefully isn’t about avoiding wrinkles and gray hair; the ultimate goal is to maintain brain alertness, preserve energy levels and prevent disease…. Read more »

The Inflammation Connection to Alzheimer’s

According to a recent study from November 2017, people who show signs of inflammation in middle age are more likely to suffer from brain shrinkage later in life, a possible precursor to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The findings in the journal, Neurology, are the latest to uncover an association between dementia and inflammation, in which… Read more »

What is the MIND Diet?

When you hear the word, diet, you probably immediately think of people wanting to lose weight. However, different diets can be used to achieve different results. If brain health and Alzheimer’s disease prevention are important to you, you might consider trying the MIND diet, which has been linked to slower cognitive decline. What is the… Read more »

How Much Exercise Does Your Brain Need?

You know exercise is good for your body, but did you know that there is evidence to suggest that exercise can help slow the normal declines in brain function that happens with age?  Adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense activity a week to keep their hearts healthy, but how much… Read more »

Five Ways You Can Protect Your Memory

It’s happened to all of us. You get to the store and can’t remember what you’re there for. Or, even with a calendar reminder, you still forget that appointment. It doesn’t mean you have Alzheimer’s disease or are having a so-called “senior moment.” However, research shows that memory loss can actually begin as early as… Read more »

Improve Brain Function with Krill Oil

Your brain is the center of your nervous system and requires the most energy of any of your organs. You may not know that your brain is also nearly 60 percent fat including essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Almost all of your brain’s functions are dependent on DHA and EPA and they can be… Read more »