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We know you’re busy taking care of everyone else, but ladies, now is the time to take care of you with our Women’s Health Bundle. This vitamin package for women includes calcium and magnesium to promote healthy bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis and omega 3 fatty acids to tackle your pain and protect your heart. Support your immune system with vitamin C. Lower your risk of diabetes, multiple sclerosis and bone related illness with vitamin D. Plus, we’ve included a powerful blend of nutrients to promote thicker hair, stronger nails and smooth, supple skin. What are you waiting for? You owe it to yourself to live the healthy life you’ve always wanted.

This daily vitamin package for women includes:
CalMax Plus, OmegaKrill Pro, Super C22, Women’s Beauty Formula, Sublingual D-3
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Product Description

CalMax Plus – Same great formula as Original Calmax, but now with 2000IU vitamin D! Did you know that 40% of Americans are vitamin D deficient? Best known for working with calcium to help build and maintain strong bones, vitamin D also helps regulate the immune system and cells, where it may help prevent many diseases including cancer.

OmegaKrill Pro – A natural krill oil supplement that not only improves cardiovascular health but also replenishes essential nutrients and helps support overall health. This daily krill oil vitamin can improve your focus, lower blood pressure, increase brain function, and help regulate sugar levels. OmegaKrill is a pure concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, packed with powerful nutrients that help support your brain, pain and veins without a fishy aftertaste. New and improved formula with 60% more omega-3 fatty acids plus more brain boosting DHA, EPA and astaxanthin!

Super C22 – Packed with 22 of the most powerful forms of vitamin C, each serving delivers 1500mg of vitamin C, or 2500% of the RDA. Super C22 can help boost your energy and lower your blood pressure. This powerful vitamin C drink will super charge your immunity while providing vital nutrients needed in your daily diet.

Women’s Beauty Formula
– Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what woman doesn’t need a little boost now and then? Our Women’s Beauty Formula has exactly what you need to radiate a healthy glow. With everything from vitamin C and Biotin to apple and pomegranate extract, you’ll look and feel your best. Women’s Beauty nourishes scalp hair follicles while promoting hair growth, stimulates the formation of strong nails, helps support smooth, supple skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Sublingual D-3 – Sublingual Vitamin D-3 tablets contain 5,000 units of one of the most effective, potent and safe forms of vitamin D – cholecalciferol. This fast melting tablet quickly disperses under the tongue – making it easy to swallow so the vitamin D-3 gets to work fast and doesn’t lose its potency during the metabolic process.

Women’s Health Bundle Nutritional Information
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