NuZymes Plus

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Nu-Zymes Plus works to help your body digest food more efficiently by maximizing proven enzymes and Alpha-galactosidase, known to alleviate gastric discomfort and gas. Enzymes are necessary to every cell in your body for: 

  • Digestion 
  • Energy production
  • Supporting a healthy immune response
  • Reducing inflammation

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50 reviews for NuZymes Plus

  1. Donna E.

    I have used these for more years than I can remember and they’re the only ones that work!

  2. Hazel H.

    Great product!

  3. Dennis S.

    Good product!

  4. Michelle L. A.

    I am so glad I found NuZymes Plus! I’m on my way to great health again. Thank you!

  5. Michelle L.


  6. Linda R.

    Started using NuZymes Plus in the late 1990’s. Tried ‘cheaper’ Probiotics for my system, but only NuZymes Plus does the trick! Been a steady customer for at least a decade or more! The price point is on target and much appreciated. Thank you NuZymes Plus and my phone rep. Bruce!!

  7. Rich

    I had my gallbladder removed years ago and always had to watch what I ate. I used your product years ago when I was a charter pilot flying all hours and good food was always a problem. For some reason I lost track of NuZymes Plus and recently started using them again. It really helps me and now I can have a normal life again.

    I am ordering again! Thanks

  8. Mary S.

    I’ve used it for 1 month and I am very satisfied.

  9. Dianne H.

    I have used it for 2 years and love it! It does what it says.

  10. Felix R.

    I have used this product NuZyzmes for years. NuZyzmes Plus is even better. Simply a great product, outstanding. Just like many people that use it, I cannot be without NuZyzmes Plus. I highly recommend this product – it is great!

  11. Richard C.

    Wonderful product!!

  12. Linda R.

    Been using this product for 15 years…tried others… too expensive or too inexpensive and nothing seemed to work as well as NuZymes Plus. I would NOT be as healthy as I have been over the years without this product. NuZymes have been a benefit to my LIFE and survival. Don’t underestimate this product, I also have used it for my beloved little dog! Thank you Dr. Newton’s. With all the changes happening in the world, thank you for keeping the price accessible for those on a limited budget.

  13. Robert M.

    I’ve used this product in the past, it’s a good product.

  14. Joy L.

    I discovered Nu-Zymes in 2001 in an attempt to help with my dad’s digestive health. They were amazing and helped ease the gas and bloating. I have continued to use the product and love it!

  15. emily s.


  16. Charles L.

    Nu-Zymes Plus has been a Godsend! I’d go so far as to say they’ve improved my quality of life.

  17. Charles L.

    Nu-Zymes have been a Godsend. The improvements to my digestion are nothing short of extraordinary. I’m so thankful I’ve found you.

  18. Larissa M.

    Absolutely love this product. The benefits are not only in aiding in digestion and overall health but it is a part of my daily routine. I am so thankful for all the information from subscribing to the email newsletter as well. Thank you Dr. Newton’s Naturals!!!!

  19. Pamela

    Hi, thank you for this product. I’ve used Nu-Zymes for more than 15 years and I stopped recently and I regret that greatly. I can’t begin to tell you how much these saved me from having to run to the toilet 10 minutes after I eat, and feeling embarrassed every time. If you have problems digesting then give these a try. I am starting back immediately. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.

  20. Susan M.

    I used to use NuZymes and loved the product. I actually used it and I could still enjoy my foods. Just been awhile since I’ve been able to afford them, which to others the price is still reasonable to them. Anyway just wanted to give a review to people.

  21. Linda R.

    Tried Nu-zymes first, then others with their ‘claims.’ NOTHING worked for me as well as Nu-Zymes. Have been using them for years and they have improved my life. Thank you Dr. Newtons. These are the only pills that work for me. I am healthier for it.

  22. cathy


  23. Cathy

    Best enzymes I have ever tried.

  24. JTS

    I gave some to a friend who ate pinto beans in a Mexican restaurant – She was so surprised to have no gastric problems – amazing! I frequently give some away when I’m dining with friends who have proven shall we say “gastric” problems and I see the effects or lack of – this stuff is magic!

  25. Donna A.

    I took these for years and then quit taking them. It took a while but I began having stomach discomfort, occasional constipation problems, gut cramps, etc. It finally dawned on me that I needed my digestive enzymes. Needless to say I have reordered them!

  26. August M.

    This has been the only thing that has really helped me over the past 10 years for relief with acid indigestion. Presently I only take them occasionally now.

  27. Ivy N.

    I have been using this product for years and it works great! I wouldn’t be without it.

  28. Dorothy C.

    Most effective and helpful product I have ever taken!

  29. Bob R.

    I started taking Nu-Zymes about a month ago. My stomach constantly hurt and my gut churned all the time. I bought a bottle as a last resort because I have tried almost everything out there. Within 2 days the turmoil in my gut vanished! I have had an occasional upset stomach. The relief has been truly amazing. I just bought another 6 bottles!

  30. Wilfred F.

    Yes it works when nothing else did. I ran out for a while and I have re-ordered.

  31. Jenny D.

    Best product ever…I can enjoy every meal without worry of later belly aches, heartburn, bloating….

  32. John M.

    Been using Nuzymes for years and transformed my life.

  33. Al W.

    I have been using NU-ZYMES for years and they WORK GREAT! I had no energy, felt tired and had REALLY BAD occasional indigestion. One day I thought I was a going to die and went to the hospital to get my heart checked, but no heart issues (47years old). I told my buddy about this (he’s into all natural products). He gave me a bottle of Nu-Zymes. He told me to take two capsules with each meal and see what happens after a few weeks. It was like magic! It took about one month and I had relief from my occasional acid indigestion. My energy level came back. Now I maintain my enzyme level. I take one a day and I feel great! I’m living proof this product works. Don’t look at the price – your health is #1. Good health to you!

  34. Stan P.

    Great product!

  35. Eva W.

    I’ve been using Nu-Zymes and Nu-Zymes Plus for several yeas and they’ve been my ONLY recourse to being able to eat almost anything I want to because I’ve been able to digest everything.

  36. Charles L.

    Nu-Zymes Plus really works.

  37. tanglewoodfarm

    NuZymes Plus works for my digestive tract. Thank you!

  38. P. Sims

    I’ve been using NuZymes for over 10 yrs. I can’t being to tell you how much I love this product. I had issues after everything I ate and never wanted to go out and eat. After I started taking NuZymes I have no issues after eating. Thank you and I would recommend these to everyone.

  39. Charles L.

    Ran out for a while; now they’re back at a reasonable price. And so am I.

  40. RON B.

    WE ENJOY YOUR PRODUCTS. Super C22 is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  41. Kaylyn F.

    Before discovering NuZymes, I was plagued with many digestive issues. I was miserable by the end of every day. It may not be a cure, but it allows me to live a whole lot more normally now. I will not be without NuZymes!

  42. Dorothy F.

    A friend gave me some NuZymes Plus to try and I liked the results.

  43. Wilfred F.

    NuZymes Plus has made digesting certain foods easier for me.

  44. Johnny C

    NuZymes plus has been doing wonders for maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels!

  45. dick huff

    My friend says it’s great! I can’t wait to try it!

  46. Trish

    Had so many digestive problems but not now since taking Nu-Zymes. It’s the best!

  47. trishie36

    I have been using this product for about a year now and love the results. Since I started taking these pills I no longer have an upset stomach and it helps with bowel movements. Didn’t cure my problem completely but it sure has helped a lot. I am so glad to have found this product and will continue to use it.

    • kathleens

      Thank you so much for sharing your success story! We’re glad NuZymes is working well for you.

  48. Sherry Field

    I have used this product for years and cannot be without it.

  49. William B.

    My sister gave me a bottle and they work great. My bowel movements are more normal.

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Product Description


Enzymes are your body’s workers. They are responsible for energy production and supporting a healthy immune response. When you were younger, you had an abundant supply of digestive enzymes and energy. Over time you begin to lose that efficiency. You probably notice that you’re less able to eat the foods you love and start avoiding them to prevent discomfort. Now you can enjoy those foods again without the embarassing aftermath. 


Amylase – Digests fruits and vegetables 

Cellulase – Digests grains 

Lactase – Digests dairy 

Lipase – Digests fats 

Protease – Digests protein