Skinny D

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Manage Your Weight Safely and Effectively 


Clinically proven to nourish your body while helping you manage your weight safely and effectively. With only 10 calories per serving, and packed with vitamins, this nutritious weight management drink helps maintain sugar cravings. Discover the Skinny D™ benefits and invest in a nutritious way to a healthier life. 

  • Over 17 vitamins and minerals 
  • 100% RDA of vitamin C 
  • Only 10 calories per serving 
  • A vitamin blend with kiwi, mango and papaya 


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37 reviews for Skinny D

  1. greg

    great product

  2. Scott K.

    I lost 4 pounds my and my diabetes number went down

  3. Judy

    I just started Skinny-D today but, I noticed I have more control over my appetite. Feeling in control is the greatest feeling when you’ve struggled most of your life battling your weight.

  4. Janet C.

    I was very skeptical but I have found that if you work with this product it will work with you. It’s hard work to commit to exercising and you still have to work for what you want but make a commitment to yourself. Believe that you are worth the effort! Skinny D has helped take the edge off of hunger which I believe is helping me to stay focus on my weight loss goals. It’s my first month and it’s still hard work. In terms of weight loss Not too much weight in pounds removed from the scale yet however I’ve noticed my wrist and ankles skinnier and I believe I’m losing inches. I think psychologically it is helping me because I feel that I am not alone in the food war. I much more motivated now. I believe I have found a sweet companion with the brand name of skinny D.
    Thanks Dr. Newton’s Naturals!!!

  5. Samedi R.

    Very good product

  6. Darrell G.


  7. Martin C.

    Skinny D was recommended by a friend. It works for him, so I want to try myself and am hoping for the same results. I’m on my way to losing weight and being healthy!

  8. Philip A.

    I started taking Skinny D three weeks ago and with exercising and a diet plan I had lost 16lbs when I went back to the doctor. I am excited to see my A1 C level in September when I go back for my regular blood test. Am hoping for great results and will give great reviews for Skinny D. I am a type II diabetic as well. I am looking forward to a healthier life ….:)

  9. Sara M.

    Amazing! My first time trying this I weighed myself the first day of using it I noticed the scale moving down!

  10. Phoenicia

    I was 230 and I’ve already lost weight in just one month!

  11. Toni W.

    Love this product! I lost a lot of weight. I’m going to reorder soon.

  12. Flor R.

    Just started this product and it is amazing. Overall I feel better and I’m offering it to all my family members!!

  13. Sierrah R.


  14. Esmeralda C.


  15. Yazmine C.

    It’s great!

  16. Sibyl D.


  17. Kedria S.

    I love this product!

  18. John G.

    It’s really good!

  19. Darlene C.


  20. william Lemke

    Good results.

  21. Vanessa

    This product is fantastic. I have been using it for a month and will plan on getting more bottles to make sure that I do not run out. I have lost weight. I feel better with more energy. Right now I cannot exercise with cardio since I have a knee injury but this is still keeping my weight down even without the exercise. I will keep this product as a daily routine indefinitely!!!

  22. Linda

    I don’t love the taste, but will give it the “old college try” for the trial period!

  23. Gary A.

    I lost weight. Would be 5 stars if tasted a bit better but it is growing on me.

  24. Verna M.

    I love Skinny D! I lost weight with the first bottle.

  25. Croby

    I have been taking Skinny D for 2 months now, I am amazed at how much energy I have. I’m on my third bottle and can honestly say I’m impressed. My body doesn’t ache as much. I’m not craving sugary foods as much, but most of all I’m not hungry like most diet plans leave you. I haven’t lost a lot of weight (pounds) but I see loss in inches, which means my clothes are much loser. Others have questioned if I’m losing weight as well, which is the ultimate sign. My last visit to my physician showed improved A1C numbers, which is awesome considering I’m not exercising and mainly just watching my portions. The flavor isn’t bad at all, at times I will add it to tea or use some drops. Skeptical as I am, I have to admit this product does work. I will be ordering more.

  26. Howard A.

    Because of Dr. Newtons Naturals, I am very healthy! Thanks!

  27. Mary L.

    I have been taking Skinny D for 2 months. I don’t know if I have lost any weight, but I feel like I have. Thanks!

  28. jonica

    I am taking Skinny D and have found that I have amazing energy and it really helped with my weight loss!

  29. Tim F.

    I was taking Skinny D for 12 weeks while involved in a “Biggest Loser” competition at my employer. Not only did I lose the sweet tooth cravings, but I lost weight and came in second place! I will be ordering more! Thanks, Skinny D!!

  30. gary ashley

    I have been on Skinny D now for two months and and it has helped me maintain healthy blood sugar levels. I have also lost twenty pounds! I drink my 1/2 cap full with hawaiian punch (half the sugar of fruit juice) for breakfast and eat a fiber one bar. I stopped drinking Coke for the energy and I feel great. I still have some, but I definitely plan on ordering more when I get low.

  31. Leah Thomas

    I am on my third bottle of Skinny D and the health benefits have been great, I have more energy and feel better daily. I lost 6 lbs.

  32. Ken Oglesby

    I have been taking Skinny D on a regular basis. One 1/2 cap every day. I started July 1, 2013, I weighed 355 pounds. On May 11, 2014 my weight is 267 pounds! I have lost 88 pounds in 10 months! My wife Trish was 202 pounds, now her weight is 134 pounds – that’s 68 pounds lost. We are both doing great!

  33. Portia J.

    I have taken this product in the past and it was amazing in helping me maintain healthy cholesterol levels. It really didn’t give me any weight loss, however the cholesterol aspect has made me want to get back on the product. Seeing as I have other products that centered on my sugar stability, I now want to again start skinny D to help my cholesterol. Everyone focusing on healthy cholesterol needs to try this awesome product.

  34. Brooke

    Alright, so honestly when I began taking this I didn’t expect it to work great as I have tried every weight loss product ever made and I never saw results! I’ve been on Skinny D for a week now and have lost 8 pounds!!! I replace breakfast every morning and mix Skinny D in with some cranberry juice. I’m beyond happy with the results and will continue to use! I highly recommend to anyone looking to loose weight and start gaining confidence!!

  35. Rochelle Owens

    I have taken Skinny D since mid October, and I have a lot of ENERGY. I haven’t lost a lot of weight yet, but I’m losing inches and my pants are fitting a little looser. My skin is also clearer and I know I’m getting the nutrition I need. I’m getting ready to order my next order.

  36. Melissa

    Skinny D is really working for me–I’m delighted! I add flavor drops and drink it late morning and again in the afternoon–it really curbs my desire for high-carb snacks. I’ll let you know when I reach my weight goal. I’m on my way!

  37. Barry Sempsrott

    I am glad I don’t look pregnant anymore, especially since I’m a man!!!!!!! Man this product WORKS!!!! My wife was a health teacher and has always said belly fat is most dangerous. I have lost 54 lbs since April 20th 2013 using Skinny D. I just ordered more!!!!

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Product Description


Your weight management goals are important to us. Our customers and employees share these tips for success: 

  1. Replace one meal a day with Skinny D. 
  2. Drink Skinny D in a shot glass followed by 16-20 oz of water. 
  3. Sip Skinny D over the course of a couple hours to help when sugar cravings hit. 
  4. Add Skinny D to your favorite low-sugar drink (our favorite is pineapple juice). 
  5. Make Skinny D part of your commitment to a healthy diet and exercise. 
  6. Eat a small amount of protein (cheese stick or handful of almonds) with Skinny D so you feel fuller longer.