The Heart Benefits of Krill Oil

Omega-3s’ EPA and DHA found in Krill oil have been shown to support healthy blood pressure and heart rhythm, plus long-term heart health. For optimizing healthy cholesterol and decreasing triglycerides, research suggests krill oil has an edge. One 12-week study published in the journal Lipid Technology looked at 120 people with high cholesterol and high… Read more »

Heart Health One Step at a Time

Heart disease is the leading cause of death, but did you know that it is both preventable and controllable? You can improve your heart health one step at a time. What is heart disease? The term “heart disease” refers to several types of heart conditions. In the United States, the most common type is coronary… Read more »

Five Foods with More Vitamin C than Oranges

Vitamin C is water soluble, meaning our bodies can neither produce nor store it. It’s up to us to include vitamin C in our diets. But you’d have to eat a lot of oranges to come anywhere near the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of 60 mg. Here are five foods with more vitamin C than… Read more »

Walk for Your Heart

You know that exercise is good for you and your heart. But maybe you’re not the jogging type, and don’t enjoy the gym. There is something you can that’s even better and easier. You can walk for your heart. According to a new study conducted at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Life Science Division, briskly walking… Read more »

Ten Signs of a Heart Attack

If you were having a heart attack, would you know? Not all heart problems come with clear warning signs. You may not feel that alarming chest pain prior to clutching your chest and falling to the floor. Some symptoms occur in the days leading up to a heart attack, while some don’t even happen in… Read more »