Glucosamine Cream Extra Strength

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Powerful Pain Relief on Contact

Glucosamine Cream Extra Strength effectively relieves minor arthritis pain, simple backaches, strains and bruises without the unpleasant qualities of many other pain relievers.  All you feel is soothing relief.  Just rub a small amount on your painful joints and muscles.

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61 reviews for Glucosamine Cream Extra Strength

  1. Dwight Zaudtke

    Very good


    It really works and works FAST!!!

  3. M McMullen

    I finally found a cream that relieves my muscle discomfort! I rub it onto my arms every night at the same time and it WORKS FOR 24 HOURS!
    I wish that it came in a roll-on, as I’ve thrown out the dispenser when it still had cream in it, because nothing else would come out!

  4. Larry Handler

    I was driving in my car and the radio program was interviewing Dr. Newton’s Naturals. I called in and got additional information and told the operator that I would like to consult with my husband. I never called back but the company followed up with me. They said it has a guarantee and if you are not satisfied, I could return the product. I ordered one canister of the Glucosamine Cream and it arrived 3 days ago. My husband has lots of discomfort in his SI joint ( sacroiliac). I rubbed the Glucosamine Cream into his back where the discomfort emanated the first evening and then 4 times the following day. It is hard to believe that he has very little discomfort and can walk around without his back brace. We are thrilled to have this as it works for sure!!!!

  5. Therese T.

    Wow – so helpful with my knee discomfort!

  6. Linda M.

    Have been ordering for several years now for relief from back discomfort. I cannot be without it.

  7. Diane D.

    Love the reviews… I’ll try this for my back injury.

  8. Larry S.


  9. Dennis L. S.

    This stuff is the best of the best! I cannot do without it!

  10. C Settle

    Bought it for my mom but my husband wanted to try it for the aches/cramps he gets in his legs and arms – we believe it has to do with his diabetes and the meds the doctor has him on. That night was the first night he slept more than 2 hrs at a time. Finally got a tube to my mom who is suffering from a foot sprain. She too felt relief that whole day. I will be continuing to buy this product.

  11. Marie A.

    Glucosamine Cream Extra Strength is fantastic. It relieves my discomfort quickly!

  12. MARY R.

    Works for me and my 2 cousins. Try it

  13. C. Steen

    It’s been consistent to relieve any and all of my discomfort.

  14. Hagarcia

    Really helps to get the relief needed.

  15. Joni N.

    Tremendous cream! God be praised for making the one that made this cream!!!

  16. Carlos G.

    Helps with my lower back pain.

  17. Robert J Kierstead Jr

    I have been using this and told my aunt about it and now we both use it. It helps my arthritic knees out a lot. I am now getting ready to order more. We use it on our knees. I have a bad left knee, and this helps a lot.

  18. Jackie W.

    Good stuff

  19. Robinette L.

    Just as they said on Washington DC Station – WOL, it works!

  20. Daisy P

    I have gotten great relief in my shoulder and knees! Will order again.

  21. Anne

    Great that there is no smell.

  22. william

    Works well on my leg pain

  23. Debi P.

    I’ve used Glucosamine Cream for several years, it has very good effect to stop my shoulder, arm and back pain. I use it 2 x’s a day as needed, the relief is a blessing!

  24. Dimitri

    My wife gave me this to try and I can’t believe the relief I got right away!

  25. lindutch

    My doctor wanted me to reduce my ibuprofen use. I could not have done that without Dr Newton’s Glucosamine Cream Extra Strength! No other topical product I’ve tried even put a dent in my knee, hip or back pain, including CBD oil. I rarely ever need ibuprofen anymore! 5 stars!

  26. Bev H.

    Pain in my hands prevented me from doing almost everything. I had to return 2 other products but I was SO excited to finally find Dr Newtons. I love it and can be an artist again.

  27. Linda D.

    Unbelievable how effective it is! I can now move my neck without getting stabbing pain thru my head!

  28. Catherine

    Awesome product – it really works, takes my discomfort in my knees and shoulder away better than any other product on the market.

  29. Phil E.

    I put it on my knees, hips, one elbow, and one shoulder. It helps a lot. I’m kind of surprised.

  30. Marilyn J K.

    It is helping better than anything else I have tried.

  31. Cynthia

    It works for me. I was heading for a second knee replacement but this is making all the difference in my movement.


    Great product !

  33. Marie F.

    This product really works! I didn’t think it could take away discomfort completely like it said in the advertisement. But it does. I have 3 relatives I had try it and it worked for them also. Got it as gift from my son.

  34. Arthur S.

    Tried quite a few creams stating great results. None seem to help. Your product helped after my busted hip like no other product. It soothes the joint discomfort. I will continue staying with it.

  35. Mark H.

    I suffer from degenerative disc disease. I’ve tried most over-the-counter cream/salve available. The ones with ‘Lidocaine’ helped, but only temporarily and only mostly, with the pain. THIS PRODUCT ROCKS THEM ALL OUT OF THE WATER! It lasts a MUCH longer time than I’d’ve ever wished for AND it’s EXTREMELY quick acting. TYVM for creating this product and giving me a pain-free existence once again!

  36. Alexis M.

    It seems to help. I have an uncomfortable feeling in my leg and it helps for a time.

  37. Christine P.

    Works great on my knee pain.

  38. Marilyn A.

    I have used this before. It works much better than any other cream I have ever used and I have tried numerous other kinds that hardly do anything, if at all.

  39. Sondra G.

    It provides relief for my muscles.

  40. John R.

    Used previously with great results.

  41. Rick M.

    This product is amazing. I have arthritis and this takes the discomfort away – it doesn’t ease the discomfort – it actually takes it away.

  42. Ann P.

    Great product!

  43. Ginny S.

    This product WORKS! I use it on my joint discomfort, and it’s the only thing that works, long term.
    I had my knee replaced, but it, too gives me discomfort, and this product relieves that discomfort.
    I also have fibromyalgia, and out of desperation, I used this product, and within 10 minutes, the discomfort stopped!

  44. Sondra G.

    Helps to relieve sore muscles.

  45. Cecilio R.

    This product out does CBD OILS by a long shot !!!!! My friend turned me on to this great product. THANK YOU!!!

  46. Barbara N.

    It helps my shoulder discomfort.

  47. Veronica C.

    Really helps with joint discomfort.

  48. Sondra G.

    This cream has helped far better than all the other creams on the market.

  49. Iris H.


  50. Debra B.

    This cream is the BEST there is for joint pain! I can’t live without it! No other will do!

  51. Carol H.

    Can’t live with out it. My Podiatrist said I had the worst case of neuropathy he has ever seen all the way up to my knees no feeling. This cream is like magic! Love it!

  52. MJ Larsen

    5 stars

  53. D Dolezal

    Works well for joint discomfort!

  54. Don G.

    I used another product for several years to relieve arthritis pain in my shoulder before switching to this cream. It is amazing how much better it is!

  55. Paul L.

    Great helps my joints, over 60 and still running 20 miles a week.

  56. Gussie M.

    I want to say the product is great! My husband is using it now.

  57. Junie F.

    I got excellent results from my knee discomfort.

  58. Bernard M.

    My son has knee problems and this gives him relief.

  59. Connie W.

    Excellent product; relieves joint pain!

  60. Edith B.

    Unbeatable product for pain relief and it has no smell!

  61. Larry S.

    A friend gave me some to try. So far I can’t believe the relief just one day later.

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Product Description

For powerful topical pain relief, Glucosamine Cream Extra Strength uses histamine dihydrochloride.  This active ingredient increases blood flow to the treated area, relieving arthritis pain in the same way your body does naturally.

This action safely and effectively reduces pain in the joint or muscle.

  • Active ingredient: Histamine Dihydrochloride
  • Pain relief on contact
  • Dual action moisturizing cream
  • Odorless, greaseless, stainless