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Sublingual Vitamin D-3 tablets contain 5,000 units of one of the most effective, potent and safe forms of Vitamin D – cholecalciferol. This fast melt…

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To optimize energy production in the body, Dr. Pinkus' Sublingual B-12 Advantage uses pharmaceutical grade methylcobalamin – one of the most bio-available forms of B-12!…

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Unlike prescription sleeping pills, Sublingual Sleep helps you achieve restorative sleep. Moreover, since its safe, effective, and non habit-forming, you will receive lasting health benefits.

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With the antioxidant protection of cherries and the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric, Cherry & Turmeric is a powerful combination to: Provide arthritis relief Improve brain…


Use fast-dissolving Melatonin Melts to get the sleep you need.  Each tablet: Reduces the time it takes to initially fall asleep at night Improves deep-sleep…


Support healthy vision with proper nutrition and supplements.

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ELDERBERRY IMMUNE SYRUP is a great tasting, natural berry flavored syrup that does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and will encourage healthy immune system…


Multiflex Muscle and Joint Cream  is a super-strength cream for muscles and joint, stiffness, inflammation, cramps, sprains, injury rehabilitation or general relief.  The deeply penetrating,…


ELDERBERRY IMMUNE CAPS contain a special immune blend in an easy-to-take capsule which, when taken daily can promote healthy immune function and provide excellent support for your body’s natural…


Mega Greens are rich in phytochemicals. These organic compounds found in plants have many known or potential health benefits including: Antioxidants to fight the harmful effects of damaging free…


ELDERBERRY IMMUNE SPRAY is a soothing throat spray designed to boost your immunity.


A powerful bone support supplement utilizing the power of vitamin D3, calcium and magnesium.