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Pain Relief

Are you or someone you love suffering from chronic pain? We know how debilitating the constant suffering can be, and offer a wide variety of products to ease your pain at its source.

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CalMax® Original is the ultimate, all-in-one supplement solution for your bones, muscles, and heart, as well as helping to manage stress and preparing your body for…

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Welcome the newest in the CalMax line of products!   Same great formula as Original Calmax, but now with 2000IU Vitamin D! Did you know that 40%…

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OmegaKrill PRO OmegaKrill PRO has 60% more Omega-3s, which are proven to benefit your brain, joints and cardiovascular system Krill oil is the most potent…

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To help protect you from the effect of ongoing stress, Dr. Newton’s Naturals developed a breakthrough formula, Vital B Plus, scientifically blended with 100% natural stress-fighting…

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Both calcium and magnesium have a number of other roles in the body and are vital for a huge range of interrelated functions that contribute…

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Powerful Pain Relief on Contact NEW from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, Glucosamine Cream Extra Strength effectively relieves minor arthritis pain, simple backaches, strains and bruises without the…

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Quite simply, athletes need more nutrients than less-active people. They demand more from their bodies and so must compensate with the right nutrients from foods…

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With the antioxidant protection of cherries and the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric, Cherry & Turmeric is a powerful combination to: Provide arthritis relief Improve brain…

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Multi-flex Pro is a super-strength solution for muscles and joints, stiffness, inflammation, cramps, sprains, cartilage repair or general pain relief.

Priced From: $19.99

Stop joint pain from the inside out with Joint Health Formula. Give Your Body What it Needs for Maximum Joint Health. Reap the many joint health…

Priced From: $39.99
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No one wants to live in chronic pain. It’s debilitating. Our Pain Relief Bundle tackles your pain head-on. Reduce painful inflammation with powerful doses of…

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Multiflex Muscle and Joint Cream  is a super-strength cream for muscles and joint, stiffness, inflammation, cramps, sprains, injury rehabilitation or general relief.  The deeply penetrating,…