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Bones play many important roles in the body. They provide structure, protect your organs, anchor muscles, and store calcium. Adequate calcium consumption and weight bearing physical activity is essential to build strong bones, optimizes bone mass, and may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. So in addition to your calcium supplement, try weight-bearing physical activities like walking, jogging, tennis, jumping rope, weight lifting or other forms of activity to help your muscles and bones work against gravity and stay strong. Plus you’ll get the added benefit of keeping your heart healthy as well.

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CalMax® Original is the ultimate, all-in-one supplement solution for your bones, muscles, and heart, as well as helping to manage stress and preparing your body for…

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If you’re one of the 86 million American adults afflicted with an “itis” such as arthritis or bursitis, or suffer from sore knees, hip pain…

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Welcome the newest in the CalMax line of products!   Same great formula as Original Calmax, but now with 2000IU Vitamin D! Did you know that 40%…

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This fast melt tablet quickly disperses under the tongue – making it easy to swallow so the Vitamin D-3 gets to work fast. Sublingual Vitamin…

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OmegaKrill PRO OmegaKrill PRO has 60% more Omega-3s, which are proven to benefit your brain, joints and cardiovascular system Krill oil is the most potent…

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Both calcium and magnesium have a number of other roles in the body and are vital for a huge range of interrelated functions that contribute…

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Most people think that calcium is the most important factor in bone health.  Did you know that magnesium is also a necessary component and that…

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Did you know that most people are deficient in Vitamin D? Vitamin D3 is the most easily absorbed form of Vitamin D and we’ve made…

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Everything You Need for Strong Bones, Increased Immunity and a Healthy Heart Vitamin D3 helps build stronger bones and helps protect older adults from osteoporosis.…

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Stop joint pain from the inside out with Joint Health Formula. Give Your Body What it Needs for Maximum Joint Health. Reap the many joint health…

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Tidal Greens is the natural seaweed alternative for a healthy heart, increased energy and an overall feeling of wellbeing. With Tidal Greens, you’ll: Improve heart health Help…


A powerful bone support supplement utilizing the power of vitamin D3, calcium and magnesium.