Joint Health Formula

Stop joint pain from the inside out with Joint Health Formula. Give Your Body What it Needs for Maximum Joint Health.

Reap the many joint health benefits of the key vitamins and minerals in Joint Health Formula:

  • Vitamin C to promote joint health
  • Magnesium to reduce inflammation
  • Collagen to support joint tissue

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Product Description

Eliminate Joint Pain from the Inside

Vitamin C and Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that leads to inflammation of the lining of the joints, resulting in destruction and deformity of the affected joints. It was recently reported in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases that eating foods high in Vitamin C seems to offer significant protection against the disease.

Good News: Magnesium Fights Inflammation

In another study of more than 3700 postmenopausal women, magnesium was found to have dramatic anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers also noticed that inflammation on the artery walls was minimized in patients who increased their magnesium intake. This is good news in the fight against painful inflammation.

Collagen: Critical for Joint Health

Collagen is what keeps it all together. Your body manufactures this critical tissue at all times, restoring it where needed. As you age your collagen supplies are depleted, causing problems with deteriorating joints and muscle. In various forms of arthritis, most pain is found in the joints. Collagen deficiency allows loss of lubrication and cushion in cartilage in your joints, causing inflammation and pain.

Joint Health Formula Brings it All Together for Joint Health

You can’t reap the many joint health benefits of these essential vitamins and minerals without consuming them. Unfortunately, the modern American diet with all of its processed food is greatly lacking. Joint Health Formula can provide the nutrients essential for joint comfort and health, containing:

  • Magnesium to reduce inflammation
  • Vitamin C to promote joint health
  • Collagen to support joint tissue
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