Skinny D Bottle

Have you tried diet after diet, with limited success?
Finally—a weight control plan that really WORKS!

Are We a Nation of Sugar Addicts?

Did you know that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has potentially addictive qualities? And you may not even know you’re eating it! HFCS, a refined sugar, is found in every-day foods like bread, pizza, baked goods, candy, soda, cereals, soup—even ketchup!

5-Step Skinny D Plan: Simple Success

You know the health risks of weight gain. The 5-Step Skinny D Plan was developed for people like you who want to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and lose weight.

Share YOUR Skinny D Success Story!

And when you’ve lost weight (because you will), we encourage you to share your story, here on our website or on our Facebook page ( You may inspire someone just like you when you say, “Skinny D: Skinny ME!”

Amy R. of New York says:
“I've lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks!
I love that I'm not craving snacks all the time. Skinny D helps me control my eating habits.”
Barry S. of Minnesota says:
“This product works!
I've lost 54 pounds! I just ordered more Skinny D.”
Lori C. of Iowa says:
“I'm thrilled with Skinny D!
I'm down 7 pounds in a week! My friends can't believe it and are trying it too. Thanks for the great start to my weight loss!”
Debbie M. of Ohio says:
“I went from a size 12 to a size 4!
With Skinny D you see real results.”
This amount of weight loss is not typical. Your actual results may vary.
Image of Dr. Brent Agin
Dr.Brent Agin: “What Skinny D is and Why I Developed It.”

Why: I developed Skinny D because time and again overweight patients were coming into my clinic unable to lose weight. They were watching what they ate and exercising, and yet the weight remained, or worse, they gained more! They didn't choose to be overweight and they needed help.

What: That's why I create Skinny D. It's a nutrient-rich liquid meal replacement drink that's formulated to provide a high degree of overall nutrition in a low-calorie drink. Skinny D helps reduce sugar and food cravings, reduces appetite and increases metabolism. It's safe for those watching their blood sugar and works for everyone.