You can become vitamin D deficient in the summer too

Although many people become vitamin D deficient during the winter due to a lack of sun exposure, you won’t necessarily get all the vitamin D you need just because it’s summer. Many people who have fair skin burn in the sun and therefore have to do everything they can to protect themselves from it. While these measures are good for your skin, they might not be good in terms of getting adequate levels of vitamin D.

However, you might be wondering why this is even important, why it’s a big deal if you are vitamin D deficient. Many people are in the same boat and don’t understand how imperative this nutrient is. This lack of knowledge is likely a contributing factor as to why approximately 70 percent of people are lacking the proper amounts.

Vitamin D is responsible for many jobs in the body such as supporting the immune system, promoting healthy bone density, enhancing memory and supporting overall well being. It is a good chance that you are part of the majority of people who are deficient in this vitamin.

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