Women’s Health – True or False?

female health myths and quiz1. Women have smaller bladders than men.

FALSE – women may need to use the bathroom more frequently than their male counterparts, but this has more to do with the position of their bladder rather than its size.

2. Women reach their sexual peak by age 35.

FALSE – studies haven’t been able to definitively prove that women experience a surge of hormones at this age (like men do when they sexually peak in their late teens).

3. Women who have no family history of breast cancer are in the clear.

FALSE – about 10 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have a mother or sister who also had it. Another 10 percent have a family member a little further down the family tree. But about 80 percent have no family history at all.

4. Hot flashes always mean menopause.

FALSE – hot flashes plague 85 percent of women going through menopause. But these sudden sweat-inducing incidents can also be triggered by anxiety and stress. Other, less common causes include hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders and infections.

5. Women have more subtle heart attacks than men.

FALSE – a recent study of women and men who were being evaluated for a possible heart attack, asked patients to describe their symptoms and responses were then carefully analyzed. Scientists found little statistical difference in the answers – chest pain was common among all. However, women are more likely to die from a heart attack, so if you think you’re having one, don’t ignore the symptoms!

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