Women Over 50 Have Eating Disorders Too

It turns out that no matter your age, it’s still common to feel uncomfortable with your body if you are a woman. Whether this is due to pressure from media and society or our own personal insecurities, it seems like just about every woman you talk to is on a diet. In fact, if you were to go out to lunch with a group of ladies and announced to the group that you were getting the cheeseburger and french fries because you feel great about your body, you would most likely get a lot of strange looks from the other women.

So why is it that even older women feel so insecure? After all, isn’t body image supposed to be something we struggle with in our teens and maybe even in our twenties before we come to terms with our bodies? However, a recent study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders reveals 62 percent of women aged 50 and older report their body shape or weight has had a negative impact on their life. What’s more alarming is that 3.5 percent reported binge eating and nearly 8 percent reported purging. It turns out that eating disorders are more common among women over 50 than previously thought.