WHO study reveals poor health in general population

Researchers from The World Health Organization and several other institutions reviewed global health data from 1980 to 2008, assessing how blood pressure, cholesterol and body mass index have changed in different populations.

They found that rates of obesity have doubled over that time span, adding up to about 500 million people worldwide. Also, while percentages of hypertension rates have decreased, the total population of individuals with the disorder has risen from 600 million in 1980 to 1 billion in the last year of the study.

Study authors said that health problems that were previously viewed as being those of the developed nations are now spreading into other populations.

“Our results show that overweight and obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are no longer Western problems or problems of wealthy nations. Their presence has shifted towards low and middle income countries, making them global problems,” said Majid Ezzati, senior author and professor at Imperial College London.

The authors concluded that far-reaching health initiatives are necessary to improve health globally.

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