Who is at risk for a broken hip?

Hip fractures are becoming more common in the United States, probably due to higher life expectancy. Older white women are the most at-risk for these types of fractures, and in fact, one in seven post-menopausal Caucasian women will sustain a hip fracture during her lifetime.

There are many risk factors for hip fractures. Of course age increases risk – most people who suffer hip fractures are 65 years of age or older. Due to higher rates of osteoporosis in women, they have a higher risk for fracture. That’s why it’s so important to get adequate levels of calcium.

If you think you aren’t getting enough calcium, or if you are at risk for osteoporosis, you should take a supplement. CalMax Original by Dr. Newton’s Naturals is one of the best calcium supplements on the market, as it contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin C.

Some risk factors can be avoided. Smoking and excessive alcohol use can increase the chance of a hip fracture. Certain medications can also increase risk, as they may cause weakness or dizziness.

It’s important to get enough calcium in your diet from a young age to avoid problems later in life. Consider taking a supplement like CalMax Original.

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