Vitamin E to protect against pneumonia

A study headed by Dr. Harri Hemilä and Professor Jaakko Kaprio of the University of Helsinki, Finland, found that vitamin E may reduce the risk of pneumonia in non-smokers who exercised frequently by up to 69 percent and up to 79 percent in heavy smokers who were relatively inactive. Little evidence was revealed about the effect of vitamin E on those who fell in the middle.

Because the middle demographic showed inconclusive results, scientists involved in the study feel that more research is needed before they can make a definitive statement about the effects of vitamin E on pneumonia, however it provides hopeful findings for those looking to build up their immunity.

Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant that has excellent immune-boosting qualities. Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers several supplements that include the recommended daily value for vitamin E, including EZ Melts Multi-vitamin which comes in a children’s and adult formula. The adult supplement contains 100 percent or more of all recommended daily values for essential vitamins and minerals, and it provides the antioxidant power of vitamins E, C and A.

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