Vitamin D deficiency and cirrhosis

Vitamin D is essential to overall health. It is a hormone that regulates hundreds of genes in the human body. Without it, calcium cannot build and maintain strong, healthy bones effectively. It also enhances memory and improves immunity.

A 2011 study published in World Journal of Gastroenterology investigates the link between vitamin D deficiency and cirrhosis. Patients with cirrhotic livers due to alcoholism were compared to those with primary biliary cirrhosis.

Those with alcoholic liver cirrhosis showed higher frequency of vitamin D deficiency than those who had cirrhosis for other reasons. The study brings attention to vitamin D levels in patients with cirrhosis, but more research is needed for more tangible conclusions.

Many people are deficient in vitamin D and don't even know it. The best source of vitamin D is from the sun, so those with limited sun exposure are at additional risk. If you think you may be deficient in vitamin D, you should take a supplement. Dr. Newton's Naturals offers several options, including Dr. Pinkus' Sublingual D-3. These easy-to-swallow tablets contain 5,000 units of this essential nutrient. 

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