Vitamin D and Magnesium – You Need Both

By now, most people are aware of the health benefits of vitamin D. It helps to prevent the flu, improves muscles function, reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes and even helps with weight loss. Yet, most people don’t know that vitamin D should be taken with magnesium to work effectively.

Recent researchsuggests that vitamin D synthesis is completely dependent on magnesium, a nutrient that many Americans are lacking. Published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the study concluded that magnesium is necessary for vitamin D to do its many jobs in the body.

Dr. Qi Dai, the professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, found that people with high levels of magnesium intake in their diet or from supplements were less likely to have low vitamin D levels. The study also showed that people with higher magnesium intakes had a lower risk of death due to heart disease or bowel cancer.

Dr. Dai recently conducted another study to find out why higher levels of magnesium meant a reduced risk of vitamin D deficiency. They found that magnesium acts as a co-factor for the production of vitamin D, either from the sunlight or from dietary sources.

The study showed that supplementation with magnesium led to an increased amount of vitamin D among people with previously low levels of the vitamin. And, magnesium supplementation also reduced the amount of vitamin D among people with excessively high levels. In other words, the mineral acted to balance the amount of vitamin D in a person’s body, which is important because vitamin D deficiencies are linked to serious health problems, but an excessively high amount of vitamin D can also cause illness, including excessive calcium in the blood.

Magnesium deficiency is a common problem, with up to 80 percent of people being deficient in this critical mineral. Magnesium has long been known as the partner mineral to calcium, but this new research shows it is also a vital partner to vitamin D. It is a natural anti-stress and relaxation mineral and is necessary for many bodily functions, including healthy artery, blood, bone, heart, muscle and nerve function. It is also involved in the production of energy for most of our bodily processes.

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