Vitamin C lowers inflammation that may predict heart disease

A new study conducted at the University of California, Berkeley, aims to add to the evidence that vitamin C supplementation may help lower concentrations of C-reative protein (CRP), which itself can be a powerful predictor of future heart disease.

Vitamin C supplements, such as Super C22 from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, can have a number of positive health benefits on individuals. It can increase lung capacity and help lower blood pressure levels.

The results of the research show that healthy, non-smoking adults with an elevated CRP level who began taking daily doses of vitamin C supplements had lower levels of the inflammation biomarker after two months when compared to those who had been taking a placebo. Those who did not begin with elevated CRP levels did not see a change, however.

“This is an important distinction,” says lead researcher Gladys Block. “Treatment with vitamin C is ineffective in persons whose levels of CRP are less than 1 milligram per liter, but very effective for those with higher levels.”

Previous studies have shown that elevated body weight is a contributing factor to higher levels of CRP.

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