Trying to dodge a cold this winter? Consider this scientific study

Winter is the time of year to enjoy a crackling fire, bundle up in a chunky sweater, build a snowman or hit the ski slopes. However, the one major downfall of the season is the fact that weakened immune systems can cause you to end up with a cold and miss out on the winter activities you love.

So you might be wondering what you need to do to avoid the sinister cold this year – scheming a battle plan against the enemy. Some people think that if they stay indoors, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch and sipping chicken noodle soup, they will be safe. Others feel that staying active, living like an extreme winter athlete by constantly snowboarding or playing ice hockey is the way to stay well. However, a study conducted at Loughborough University says that neither scenario is best, and rather a happy medium is ideal.

Researchers found that the amount of exercise you get during the winter can have a drastic impact on your chances of getting a respiratory infection. Strenuous exercise can make you more susceptible to infection, and likewise if you are a couch potato you will contract an average of two to three upper-respiratory tract infections (URTIs) per a year. A URTI could be anything from a nose infection and sinus problems to tonsillitis and the flu.

The study suggests that this is because during the strenuous exercise, and no exercise, immune regulation is basically off balance and the immune cells responsible for fighting infection are unable to perform properly. Therefore, it is best to get moderate exercise in order to fight colds and infections.

“Moderate exercise has a positive effect on the immune system. So to keep colds at bay, a brisk daily walk should help – it’s all about finding a happy medium,” explained one researcher, Professor Mike Gleeson.

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