Treating adult acne as the seasons change

Adults can develop acne, even if they never had it as a teenager. Unfortunatly, acne products are generally made for resilient teenage skin. They can be harsh on adult skin that’s already prone to dryness.

Many adults notice increased bouts of acne during season changes. Fall can be the worst for many, as dry, flaky skin can increase breakouts. While many associate excessive humidity and oil with acne, dryness can be just as bad, if not worse. That’s because most products that treat acne do so by drying out the affected area, but if the problem is caused by dry, flaky skin, these products will make acne worse.

Skintastic Face and Body Cleanser, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals, is a natural acne treatment that won’t dry skin. In fact, the natural glycerin in the cleanser helps skin retain moisture and protects against the harsh fall and winter weather.

Skintastic removes impurities and moisturizes dry and itchy skin, making it the perfect solution for acne-prone adults.

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