Tips for beating dietary bloat

Certain foods cause bloating and discomfort in many people. Some notice increased bloating from high-fiber foods, such as broccoli, beans and whole-wheat bread, because the bacteria your body uses to break down those complex sugars creates gas.

You shouldn’t limit your fiber intake because of gas and discomfort. Most Americans get less than half of their recommended daily allowance, which is probably why many people have such a hard time breaking it down. People whose diets are regularly high in fiber tend to experience less bloating.

Greasy, fatty foods stay in the body longer and are difficult to digest, so they tend to cause excess bloating as well. If you don’t want bloating to stop you from eating your favorite foods, consider taking a dietary supplement like NuZymes, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals.

NuZymes brings natural enzymes and probiotics to your gastrointestinal system so your body can better process hard-to-digest foods such as fats and fiber. Take Dr. Pinkus’ NuZymes Digestive Enzymes and eliminate bloating, not your favorite foods.

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