Three tips for getting your vitamin D fix this winter

Maintaining proper levels of vitamin D in the body is necessary for optimal health and wellness. A deficiency in vitamin D can lead to osteoporosis, depression and diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. However, scientists estimate that 70 percent of people are deficient in the nutrient. Therefore, consider some of these ways to get vitamin D this winter:

1. Try Sublingual D-3 – Available at Dr. Newton’s Natural, this vitamin D supplement was formulated by Dr. Pinkus to provide the body with a natural and potent source of vitamin D. One tablet contains 5,000 units of vitamin D – the same amount in 250 egg yolks.

2. Enjoy sunny days – Get outside as much as possible to soak up vitamin D from the sun. Try outdoor activities such as skiing or sledding.

3. Eat foods high in vitamin D – Try to make meals that include foods like mackerel or salmon, suggests Natural News, for some additional vitamin D.

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