Three all-natural products for summer

Summer is finally here and this means you’ll want to be at optimal health levels to enjoy all of the fun activities. From boating and sailing to taking beach vacations to barbecuing with friends, looking and feeling your best are essential aspects of the season. Therefore, consider getting a few products from Dr. Newton’s Naturals that can help you achieve this.

1. Skinny D – Developed by Dr. Agin, Skinny D provides the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs to cut sugar cravings and reduce the urge to overeat. This supplement can help you shed the extra pounds so you can not only look great in a bathing suit, but reduce your risk of diabetes and other diseases.

2. Ultimate Reds – Summer is no time to get sick, so boost your immune system with Ultimate Reds. This nutrient-rich concentrated drink mix contains the most antioxidant-potent fruits and vegetables in the world. It may even promote collagen formation, so your skin will glow at the beach.

3. Natural Energy – Don’t get left out of all the fun in the sun – try Natural Energy. Unlike coffee and energy drinks, you won’t experience unwanted side effects like jitters and anxiety. Instead, you’ll just have energy to enjoy the things you love.

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