The top four ways to stay motivated at the gym

Last week we brought you the top reasons to lose weight this summer. Perhaps this encouraged you to really buckle down this month and start working toward your goal of shedding those extra pounds. However, any health and fitness guru will tell you losing weight isn’t just about eating less – it’s also about increasing your physical activity and burning calories.

Slimming down isn’t rocket science. It’s basically all about calories consumed versus calories burned. Clocking hours at the gym can help you achieve your goals even faster and get you lean and toned. However, if you’re like most people, you likely have trouble staying motivated to go to the gym and maintaining a worthwhile workout. Consider the top four ways to stay motivated so you can lose the weight and look and feel better than ever!

1. Consume protein – Supplements high in protein help build, maintain and repair body tissue. Try Gold Standard Protein from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. This is a wholesome meal replacement that can help you achieve your weight loss goals and get your muscles ready for another workout.

2. Wake up early – Most people go to the gym after work, but this can just set you up for failure. After a long day in the office, you’ll likely just want to go home and relax. Plus, you’ll probably tell yourself the gym is always crowded at this time of day anyway, so why bother? Go before work for increased energy levels and fewer crowds. You’ll never regret getting up just a little sooner t kick start your day and get one step closer to your weight loss goal.

3. Download a new playlist – It’s amazing what a difference good music can make at the gym. Although many fitness centers now offer televisions attached to treadmills and other equipment, it’s questionable how motivating the morning news or a sitcom rerun can be. Shut off the tv and plug in some upbeat tunes. Update your playlist regularly to keep things exciting and make sure you’re moving.

4. Get a fitness buddy – Going to the gym with a friend, family member or co-worker can be more fun and keep you motivated. On the days you’d rather just loaf around on the coach, your friend will be there to encourage you. Likewise, you can help track each other’s progress and even make a little competition out of reaching your goals.

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