The Superbowl party must-have

The most anticipated event in American sports is set to take place this year on February 5, 2012. Superbowl XLVI may be held in Indianapolis, but that doesn’t mean you and your closest friends can’t enjoy the game and all of the festivities by hosting a celebration of your own.

Some of the Superbowl party must-haves will likely include juicy hamburgers, spicy buffalo wings, chips and dip and a cooler full of alcohol. While this sounds like a great time in theory, everyone has experienced the unmistakable feeling of heartburn from eating and drinking at events like this. Don’t let heartburn ruin your great party or your ability to enjoy the big game.

Make HB Rescue a key player at your Superbowl party. HB Rescue is an all-natural supplement from Dr. Newton’s Naturals formulated to deliver immediate and long-lasting relief for occasional heartburn.

Different from other heartburn products on the market, HB Rescue naturally neutralizes the acid in your stomach and continues the process of digestion with BioCoreAR – a powerful blend of of enzymes. Eliminate acid indigestion, gas and bloating with HB Rescue so that you can focus on what really counts – the winning touchdown pass.

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