Tending to rheumatoid arthritis to prevent broken bones

Anyone who has suffered from the joint pain that comes with rheumatoid arthritis knows how important it is to stop the pain and get joints back to functioning properly. There are a number of ways in which joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis can be treated – physical therapy, prescription medicine and risky medical procedures.

Dr. Newton’s Naturals, on the other hand, offers all-natural products to promote joint health. Nutranetics Flex Joint Health provides joint comfort and proper joint function using joint nutrients including glucosamine.

A study that has just been released by the Mayo Clinic further expands on the reasons to promote and maintain healthy joint function. The research found that younger women who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to break bones than women with healthy joints. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to have bone fractures once they are older.

This news is startling because the risk of fractures and breaks is often associated with men and women over 50. However, this study suggests that women under 50 with arthritis are at higher risk of breaking bones.

This research demonstrates the importance of joint health, and specifically the need for women under 50 suffering from rheumatoid arthritis to take an all-natural joint product from Dr. Newton’s Naturals.

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