Supplements to help you through cold and flu season

Do you cringe every time you hear a sneeze from the cubicle next to yours? Are your hands dry from all that antibacterial hand sanitizer? Cold and flu season is approaching fast. This year, get a head start with supplements to prevent the flu. These supplements can increase your immunity and shorten the duration of your illness if you do get sick.

Zinc: This essential nutrient is necessary for several aspects of cellular metabolism and can increase immunity. Zinc supplements and lozenges can lessen your risk of catching pneumonia and other illnesses, and they can shorten the duration of an illness.

Vitamin C: Sure, you’re drinking your orange juice and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, but consider taking a higher dose of vitamin C if you really want to avoid colds and flus this season. Swap your orange juice for Super C22, available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals.

Garlic: If you feel a cold coming on, chop up a garlic clove and let it sit for about 15 minutes. This releases higher doses of its healing enzymes. Add it to tea or eat it on its own. Keep it raw for maximum potency.

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