Study suggests nutrients from fish reduce diabetes risk

Experts agree that eating fish provides the body with immense benefits, but recent research has found that the nutrients found in fish can even reduce the risk of diabetes.

The study was conducted at the University of Valencia in Spain and sought to compare the outcomes of a diet high in red meat versus a diet high in fish, otherwise known as The diet high in fish that was studied is often considered to be the Mediterranean Diet.

The conclusion of the study found that an increased consumption of fish resulted in lower glucose concentrations and decreased development of diabetes.

“We ought to establish dietary intervention programmes [so] that we do not stray from the Mediterranean diet. In other words, such a diet involves decreasing the amount of red [meat] that we eat and maintaining equal levels of fish consumption,” Merecedes Sotos Prieto, lead study author, stated.

For those of us not living on the coast of Spain, decreasing our consumption of red meat and eating higher amounts of fish can be difficult. Consider taking a daily, all-natural supplement to provide your body with the beneficial nutrients found in fish.

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