Study finds vitamin D deficiency may lead to anemia in children

It’s difficult to get enough vitamin D from diet alone. If you’re one of the many Americans with a deficiency of this important nutrient, you may want to consider a supplement.

A study by pediatricians at Johns Hopkins University found that vitamin D deficiency may play a role in childhood anemia. Doctors took blood samples from over 9,400 children between the ages of 2 and 18 to examine the link between hemoglobin and vitamin D levels.

The study found that the lower the vitamin D level, the lower the level of hemoglobin. Low hemoglobin is a risk factor in developing anemia.

Although anyone can be vitamin D deficient, a few factors put some at a higher risk. Limited exposure to sun, dark skin and age may play a role. According to the study, only 1 percent of white children had anemia compared with 9 percent of black children.

Researchers stress that although the study shows a clear connection between vitamin D and anemia, it does not prove that deficiency causes anemia. Dr. Newton’s Naturals offers an easy-to-swallow multivitamin called Vitamax, which will ensure that you and your family are getting adequate amounts of this crucial nutrient.

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