Stress can alter your parenting style

Everyone knows that chronic stress can negatively affect your emotional and physical health, but a new study suggests it can have severe consequences for parenting styles. The University of Rochester study showed that constant stress from poverty and depression can actually alter the body’s stress response, leading parents to lash out on children.

“It literally changes the way a mother’s body responds to the normal demands of small children and those changes make it much harder to parent positively,” explained Dr. Melissa Sturge-Apple, lead author of the study.

Mothers who participated in the study were put in stress-inducing situations. Those who showed higher depressive symptoms and hyperactive stress responses often showed hostile, angry and even abusive responses to their toddlers when they were reintroduced.

In addition to altering your personality, stress can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider visiting a counselor and employ regular relaxation techniques like participating in yoga or meditating before bedtime. To replenish your body, consider a vitamin supplement like CalMax Original from Dr. Newton’s Naturals. It can help relieve some of the physical side effects of stress, making you better able to cope and ending the vicious cycle.

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