Fitness 101: Starting and Sticking with an Exercise Routine


6 ways to stick to your exercise routine and make it fun
You want to exercise. You know it’s good for you. But where to begin? It doesn’t have to feel like a chore to get a fitness routine going, and stick with it. You’re most likely to follow through if workouts are planned in advance and you have realistic goals that allow for some flexibility.

1. Take Small Steps – Studies show it only takes 20 minutes of exercise for the brain to release the feel-good endorphins that lift your mood. Start with 20 minutes, then add about 10 minutes to the workout each week to ease yourself into your new routine. Avoid burnout. Working yourself too hard at first can lead to muscle strain and fatigue, and associating exercise with pain can make you more reluctant to work out next time.

2. Schedule Your Workouts – You know how it works. If you don’t schedule something, it doesn’t happen. Treat your fitness routine like any other important commitment and give it the priority it deserves. Put it on your calendar and set up reminders. Keep track of when you exercise and for how long. Make notes in your calendar, or keep an exercise journal. Writing down what you actually do will keep you accountable and show you how hard you’re actually working. Additionally, looking back and seeing how much you’ve done can create an inspiring sense of accomplishment.

3. Try Something New – The best way to enjoy your new fitness routine is to find something you love. Let’s face it. If you hate to do a specific exercise, you aren’t going to keep it up. After all, not everyone is designed to be a runner. Don’t be afraid to try new exercises and figure out which ones work best for you. If you find yourself getting bored while you exercise, try participating in a more social activity such as a team or intramural sport.

4. Find a Workout Buddy or Group – Four words, four reasons – motivation, inspiration, determination, and conversation. Team up with a friend who will keep you motivated and on track for success. You are much less likely to cancel if you know your buddy is counting on you. Fitness classes are a smart way to stay motivated, too, because you can share and receive support from other class members.

5. Embrace Weights – The ideal workout combines cardio and strength training. Yes, strength training! Women are often afraid to lift weights out of fear of developing man-muscles. However, pumping iron tightens the body while boosting metabolism for faster weight loss.

6. Step Away From the Scale – Instead of keeping track of your exercise success by how much weight you lose, try keeping a soft tape measure handy and measuring your waist and hip size. You might build muscle and gain weight, but you’ll lose inches. Write down your measurements. As you start to trim up, seeing your progress can increase your confidence. Be sure to measure your neck, arms and ankles as well.