Smoking and chronic pain

Need one more reason to quit smoking? New research from the University of Kentucky suggests that smoking is linked to chronic pain in women. The study surveyed over 6,000 women in Kentucky over the age of 18 on their smoking habits and chronic pain. Sciatica, joint pain, headaches, back and neck pain and fibromyalgia were all taken into account.

Smokers and former smokers had a higher chance of reporting at least one chronic pain symptom than non-smokers, and numbers were higher in current smokers than past smokers. The study provides valuable insight into the connection between smoking and chronic pain, however, it is unclear whether the people are in pain because they smoke or smoke because they are in pain.

Perhaps the most telling finding of the study is that daily smoking has higher associations with chronic pain than old age, low educational attainment, obesity or living in Appalachia.

If stress from your chronic pain is contributing to your smoking habit, it’s time to do something about it. Try a healthier response to pain, like taking a pain relief supplement like those available at Dr. Newton’s Naturals. Dr. Harris’ Original ETArelief Pain Relief System is a comprehensive treatment that can promote healthy immune response and joint health.

It’s time to put out the cigarettes and start getting healthy.

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