Six Ways to Avoid Holiday Overeating

Cutting back on portions and using smaller plates can help you avoid overeating

Avoid Feeling Too Full With These Tips

Thanksgiving is this week – a time to gather with friends and family and celebrate. Food is usually at the heart of the celebration as we think back to that first feast. Unfortunately, many of us get wrapped up in the eating and walk away from the table feeling as though we were stuffed as much as the turkey. Here are some ways to help you avoid holiday overeating:

  1. Step Away from the Appetizers – You know how it goes – you get involved in a conversation standing at the table where the appetizers are conveniently located. Without even thinking, you find yourself reaching for the little goodies over and over, until you’ve pretty much eaten a meal before the actual meal. Make yourself a small plate of hors d’oeuvre and walk away to have that conversation.
  2. Skip the Carbs – Don’t waste your calories on crackers and chips. Instead choose light options like shrimp cocktail or veggies and dip. If your host has made something delectable, go ahead and have some – just don’t end up with more carbs on your plate than anything else.
  3. Veggies, Veggies and More Veggies – Fill your plate with vegetables, whether it’s a green salad as a starter or green beans and roasted vegetables. The more vegetables you have on your plate, the less room there will be for other more fattening and filling choices.
  4. Slow Down – The holidays are a time to relax and enjoy. Inhaling your dinner will only make you feel as though you’re still hungry. Take your time, carry on a conversation, and consciously chew more slowly. If everyone else seems to be gobbling their dinner, take a sip of water between bites to help you slow down.
  5. The Glass Matters– If you’re going to drink alcohol with your meal, the glass you choose is important in helping you avoid excess calories. Drink from a slender glass. One study suggests people are likely to drink more from short, stout glasses than from champagne or white wine glasses.
  6. Portion Control – Choose the smallest plate as possible and put little amounts of each food on your plate. Your eyes can trick your stomach.  With a wide variety, you will still feel like you’re having a delicious dinner, but smaller portions will keep you from feeling stuffed at the end of the meal.

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