Six Suggestions for Skinny D Success

Ideas and tips for how to find weight loss success using Skinny D

Sip Skinny D When Hunger Pangs Hit

Who doesn’t love a good success story?  We really love them.  We also love it when customers share their tips, so we’re passing six of the best suggestions for Skinny D success on to you!

  1. Replace one meal a day with Skinny D. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Do what works best for you.
  1. Drink Skinny D in a shot glass followed by 16-20 oz of water. Some people prefer to just get it over with, so to speak. So, cheers to you and down the hatch! Be sure to chase it with a couple glasses of water.
  1. Sip Skinny D over the course of a couple hours to help when sugar cravings hit. If you know you’re a grazer, this might be the best way to use Skinny D. Keep a glass on ice and when you feel hunger coming on, take a sip.
  1. Add Skinny D to your favorite low-sugar drink. Our favorite is pineapple juice. Be sure it’s low sugar though – you don’t want to add any unnecessary sweeteners. During the hot summer months, mix Skinny D, pineapple juice and ice in the blender and make it a frozen treat!
  1. Make Skinny D part of your commitment to a healthy diet and exercise. Skinny D is meant to help you in your weight loss journey, but it doesn’t work all by itself. You still need to eat sensibly and exercise at least 30 minutes each day.
  1. Eat a small amount of protein with Skinny D so you feel fuller longer. If you find yourself still hungry when replacing a meal with Skinny D, try including protein. A small handful of almonds or a cheese stick will work well.