Scientists to weigh risks of gastric bypass surgery for diabetes treatment

Researchers from the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center hope to discover whether gastric bypass surgery to treat diabetes is worth the risk in patients who are overweight or mildly obese.

Past medical trials have shown that the surgery is effective in controlling blood glucose levels in people who are morbidly obese – defined as having a body mass index of 36 or higher – but researchers will test if gastric bypass alleviates diabetes symptoms in people with BMIs between 26 and 35.

The National Institutes of Health has reported that risks associated with gastric bypass surgery include intestine injuries, leakage through stomach staples and depression. Over time, the organization says individuals may require additional surgery, and be at risk for anemia, osteoporosis, gallstones, malnutrition, excessive vomiting, incisional hernias and kidney stones.

This information suggests that diabetes maintenance and weight loss may be best achieved by non-surgical options. Nutritional supplements, like those offered by Dr. Newton’s Naturals, may promote healthy blood sugar levels and help individuals shed pounds safely.

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