Scientists pinpoint the energy lost due to lack of sleep

Scientists at the University of Colorado recently discovered the exact amount of energy lost when a person misses a night’s sleep. The results of their study show that losing a night of sleep burns about 135 calories, or the equivalent of two slices of bread. Conversely, sleeping for eight or more hours saves the same amount of energy.

“While the amount of energy saved during sleep may seem small, it was actually more than we expected,” says Professor Kenneth Wright, lead author of the study. “If one considers the amount of positive energy storage needed to explain the obesity epidemic is 50 calories a day, the energy savings represented by sleep is physiologically meaningful.”

The findings are significant, as they indicate that those who regularly receive insufficient sleep are sacrificing a much larger amount of waking energy than initially thought, which can have adverse affects throughout the day.

When compared to a typical night’s sleep, subjects kept awake for 24 hours showed a seven percent increase in energy expenditure.

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