Research suggests antioxidants can lower Parkinsons risk

It has been known for some time that foods rich in antioxidants provide the body with numerous benefits, as the antioxidants help to combat harmful toxins. Fruits are rich in antioxidants, and berries have particularly high levels of these antioxidants. In fact, research has found that berries may even lower the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

Experts attribute this decreased risk to the high amounts of flavonoids in berries. Flavonoids are antioxidant compounds found in fruit and plants and are especially prevalent in citrus, apples and berries.

“This is the first study in humans to examine the association between flavonoids and risk of developing Parkinson’s disease,” Xiang Gao, the author of the study conducted at Harvard School of Public Health explains. “Our finding suggest that flavonoids…may have neuroprotective effects. If confirmed, flavonoids may be a natural and healthy way to reduce your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.”

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