Put your chronic insomnia problems to bed in 5 steps

Tossing and turning the night before a big presentation at work can leave you feeling worse for wear. While your problem may make you feel isolated, you’re not alone in your struggle against insomnia. The National Institutes of Health report that about 30 to 40 percent of adults suffer from it within a given year, while roughly 10 to 15 percent claim to have chronic insomnia. The next time you want to get a little shut-eye, consider these five tips.

1. All-natural supplements. One of the easiest ways to tackle your problem with insomnia is to use an all-natural supplement by Dr. Newton’s Naturals like CalMax Sleep. Containing melatonin, a substance which can help your brain regulate sleep, as well as magnesium and calcium that may relax your muscles, this potent supplement might be just what you’ve been looking for.

2. Limit your caffeine intake. How much coffee do you drink on a given day? Excessive amounts of caffeine can make your body feel on edge, which can contribute to general sleeplessness.

3. Alter your workout schedule. If you’re committed to achieving your health and fitness goals, you may adhere to a rigorous workout routine that can leave you surging with adrenaline and elevate your body’s temperature. If you often exercise in the evening, this could be one of the reasons why you have a difficult time drifting off into La-La land. According to Prevention Magazine, working out in the four hours before bed can be detrimental to the quality of sleep you enjoy. Next time you’re gearing up for some cardio, be sure to plan ahead.

4. Switch up your sleep patterns. Many of us take sleep for granted and don’t put much thought into our patterns. You may be the type of person who enjoys drifting off to the television or while reading a new book. This may alter the way you view your bed, and not for the better. Approach your bed as a place for sleeping and cuddling with your significant other – not as a recreational center. Also, if you have a cat or dog, it may be wise to keep your furry companion outside the room during the night, as he or she may create noise that could stir you from your slumber.

5. Make lifestyle changes. Whether you’re a smoker or you just enjoy using the computer before bed, these tendencies can have a negative effect on your quality of sleep. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend removing distracting gadgets like your computer or television from your bedroom before hitting the hay. Quitting smoking may help your body wind down with ease at the end of a stressful day and may help you enjoy a boost in health.

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