Protein deficiency may hinder fertility

Research that was conducted at the University of Milan in Italy suggests that diets lacking in protein may affect fertility by inhibiting the production of a hormone, that is essential to the reproductive cycle.

The team of scientists discovered that estrogen receptors in the liver are responsible for releasing the hormone, and they must be activated by the dietary amino acids that make up protein.

“The idea that diet may have an impact on fertility isn’t totally new of course, but this explains how diet, and especially a diet poor in protein, can have a direct influence,” said Adriana Maggi, study co-author.

Authors noted that their research may explain why individuals who are malnourished or suffer from eating disorders have problems getting pregnant.

Results of the study suggest that diets high in protein may be beneficial to women of childbearing age who wish to conceive. Nutritional supplements, like those offered by Dr. Newton’s Naturals, may help those individuals achieve optimal protein intake.

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