Painkillers may increase risk of heart attack and stroke

It isn’t uncommon to reach for a painkiller in the medicine cabinet when those aches simply become unbearable. However, new research suggests that certain painkillers may increase the risk of negative health complications, including heart attack and stroke.

Data published in The American Journal of Medicine shows that popular medicines, such as ibuprofen and aspirin, may increase the risk of certain heart conditions. Supplements, such as Ultimate Reds from Dr. Newton’s Naturals, may be able to combat heart ailments. High levels of antioxidants can help promote healthy heart function.

“Among coronary artery disease patients with hypertension, chronic self-reported use of NSAIDs was associated with harmful outcomes, and this practice should be avoided where possible,” Anthony Bavry, assistant professor in the division of cardiovascular medicine at the University of Florida, stated in a release according to the news source.

Cholesterol-lowering medications have also been shown to increase the risk of heart attack. This continues to pose a problem who require the medications to maintain their overall health. However, the researchers behind the results in the journal note that more research needs to be conducted.

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