Overcoming female pattern baldness

Losing your hair is difficult, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman – but for women, alopecia can be particularly humiliating, as many feel that along with their hair, they lose a bit of their femininity.

Female pattern baldness is usually caused by a combination of hormones, aging and genetics. However, women can lose their hair for a lot of reasons that are unrelated to female pattern baldness. These factors include breakage from chemical or heat processing, certain medications, stress or diseases like syphilis.

Women experience different symptoms than men when they first start losing their hair. Rather than developing a receding hairline, women usually first notice hair loss on the top of the scalp – in most cases, women notice a widening of the center hair-part.

If you start noticing hair loss, you should speak to a doctor about possible causes. He may be able to help with hormone therapy. For a more natural treatment, turn to Dr. Harris’ Original Nature’s Hair + Capsules, available through Dr. Newton’s Naturals. This solution works to stimulate healthy hair growth in men and women.

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